Terms and conditions


Free delivery ( return) from 09:00 to 19:30

The night time delivery ( return) from 19.30 to 09.00 has an additional cost - 25 € to the total rental price.

our advantages:

No restrictions on daily mileage.

Special conditions for regular clients

УCar Insurance

  • This tariff includes:

Fully comprehensive insurance with no excess*.

*Just for premium cars there is an excess of 300-600 euros

  • This tariff does not include:

Damage to wheels (rims) and tyres.

It is forbidden to drive the vehicle off asphalted roads or in forbidden or dangerous areas (such as sand roads, beaches, mountains, etc).

Lost the keys dame or deteriorate the key or the remote control.

Damage caused by filling the tank with the wrong fuel (.Inadequate refuelling).

Accident or damages caused by inadequate (dangerous) driving or under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Any damage caused by bad parking.

The charges of any possible law intervention because of any traffic violation.

Rental Car are not liable for personal belongings inside the car.

Road Assistance

Service 24 hours of road assistance free of charge incase of breakdown.We have offices in all the most important areas of Gran Canaria,so being close whenever you should need us.

Conditions of Payment and Rental

The minimum age to be able to rent is 23 and at least 2 years driving experience.

Young Driver - This supplement is obligatory for drivers 23-25 years old

Each extra driver has a cost of 9,90€ for the total rental of the vehicle.

We don´t need the details of a credit card to reserve.

Please,remember that a deposit of 300 euro must be left in cash or credit card at the time of pick-up, which will be charged at the start of rental and will be returned at the end.

For special cars, convertibles, minibuses the deposit can be up to 1000 euros.

This deposit is required to ensure that the vehiclle will be returned at the specified time and date on the contract.

Cancellation Policy

We don´t charge if your plans are turned upside down.

If you have reserved a vehicle and for some reason you need to cancel the reservation three days before,we don´t charge a thing.

The reservation will be cancelled with no charge.

If for any reason you want to hand over the car ahead of time, money for it will not be returned.